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(Presented by Worldstars ™)

There is NO other event in the world like the World Championships of Performing Artsr™ (WCOPA)!  It is the ONLY performing arts competition in the world in which countries send their “best of the best”!  This global event is the ultimate, ONLY world talent championships…  just like the Olympics is the ultimate, ONLY international contest for sports!

Some of the critically important essentials about the World Championships of Performing Arts™ (WCOPA) are: 

  1. WCOPA is often cited as the ONLY “Olympics” for talent (aspiring performing artists) in the world! 
  2. The Olympics is held every four years.  WCOPA is held every year!
  3. Similar to the Olympics, gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded at WCOPA in various age groups and styles of competition plus trophies and plaques are presented to overall winners and grand champions.
  4. The Olympics awards only medals (i.e. gold, silver and bronze) and does not guarantee any employment, endorsements, management.   Like the Olympics, WCOPA does not guarantee employment, endorsements, management as that is up to the entertainment industry reps (i.e. managers, agents, producers, music execs, etc.) who judge, conduct industry seminars and “go-sees” during the 9-day event.
  5. Like the Olympics, amateurs and professionals may compete at WCOPA.
  6. The Olympics does not provide scholarships.  As education and training are very important priorities with WCOPA, an unprecedented total of over $500,000 USD in scholarships was awarded at WCOPA 2019.  $280,000 in scholarships to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, $150,000 to the New York Film Academy, $30,000 to the famed Millennium Dance Complex, $50,000 from Producer Shele Sondheim with CSM Words and Music, and $10,000 in scholarships from Marc Williams with Indasoul Entertainment.  No other similar international event offers these practices and this incredible amount of scholarships!
  7. The Olympics has an “Opening Ceremonies!”  And WCOPA has a colorful Opening Ceremonies’ Parade of Nations in which representatives from the various countries are in beautiful national costumes with each nation’s flag proudly flown in front of the marching team of talent!
  8. The Olympics has a “Closing Ceremonies!”  The Closing Ceremonies for WCOPA is an exciting live worldwide webcast of the finals pitting the “best of the best” from rounds of eliminations to select the Grand Champions of each competition category and then ultimately the Junior and Senior Grand Champion Performers of the World.
  9. The priceless “Worldstars Boot Camp” is an unmatched phenomenon of educational seminars and workshops by esteemed entertainment industry experts.
  10. WCOPA was created to balance the emphasis throughout history on sports and athletes: publicity, promotions, endorsements, scholarships, adulation, broadcasting, merchandising and sponsorships.
  11. Each year thousands throughout the world apply to be selected to represent their respective nations at WCOPA. 
  12. Official contestants from over 60 countries compete in one or more of six (6) categories of competition: dancing, singing, modeling, instrumentalists, variety arts.  The age divisions are  “Junior” (ages 5 – 15) and “Senior” (16 and over).
  13. Structured as an authentic and massive “Hollywood and New York casting call”, WCOPA affords an experience in terms of education, auditioning, competing, and networking beyond measure and value!
  14. Performance times of 60 seconds (one minute) are strictly enforced.
  15. Special emphasis is placed on “entertainment value” during judging.  This is no way takes away from the technical aspect of the performances; however, judges are looking for the special charisma and marketability that most successful entertainers have.
  16. This international meet celebrates its 24th year in “Hollywood”, the entertainment capital of the world, July 24 - August 2, 2020.
  17. WCOPA is a proud member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.
  18. Well-wishers include industry VIPs and celebrities such as former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Debbie Allen and many others.
  19. This prestigious worldwide meet is invitation only… contestants around the world must be qualified and invited by licensed national directors and scouts in order to participate!  The Olympics, World Cup, Miss Universe, WCOPA and other legitimate international contests authorize entities in specific countries to recruit, select and operate the respective teams of competitors certified to advance to the final event. 
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