WCOPA 2017 Prestigious Awards 

These awards are bestowed to the Coaches, Designers and Choreographers who teach our country delegations to compete at the top of the game and empower WCOPA contestants to be their best!  These individuals were selected by dozens of votes submitted by peers in the previous weeks.   

Congratulations to these amazing individuals!


 WCOPA 2017 Outstanding Choreographer 

Corlanie Botha (South Africa)

 Corlanie 2

Below are some of the testimonials submitted for her nomination.

Corlanie has been a huge influence in so many dancers and as well as the dance industry in South Africa over the past 4 years. Corlanie is continuously sharing her passion for dance and bring back all her knowledge gained through her experience in LA. She has been coaching for the past 5 years and has over 230 students in her dance schools.

The nomination is from Pulse Injection, Jade Lavarone, Deanne Morris, Jadon jv Rensburg,Danielle jv Rensburg, Khadidja Sibiya, Lauren Bowes, Jordan Mecuur, Jeanna Bissett, Jacques Mouton, Sophia Yillarous, Khumo Mochella, Lana Langeveldt,Ashleigh Devega.

Corlanie 1

This team won Gold medals,Division winner trophies,Grand Champion awards and Scholarships at Millennium Dance Complex in 2015 and 2016.

As well as creating opportunities for your dancers to work with local and international celebrities -

That is not all... 2 of the girls also achieved what any other young girl in the WORLD dream about... To dance for Justin Bieber. 2 girls Jade Lavarone and Deanne Morris was chosen to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his show in Cape Town South Africa. This was such and honour and an unforgettable moment. Then on the local South African front celebrities such as Kurt Darren, Snotkop, and many more.


"We were lucky enough to be born in South Africa at a time when transformation was taking place. Nelson Mandela had just stepped down from power, but his legacy lived on and as we were growing up, it was that legacy that fuelled us to believe we could be and do everything. As he said: “Nothing is impossible, until it’s done”

Through sheer hard work, we realised that to be true, but we also realised that we had been blessed to be born into families that not only loved us beyond the core, but for whom no sacrifice was too great. This in turn, made us more determined to make our families, our Coach and our Country proud of who we are and what we could do.

We all have very different personas, who were brought together by their formidable coach, Corlanie.

Corlanie is the inspiration for the team. She loves to dance and has instilled that passion into the team. Every young dancer is a mirror of Corlanie, who is 26 and started dancing from age 7. She wanted to be the next Britney Spears and then ultimately focused on becoming the best teacher and being a top Choreographer".

SACOPA,WCOPA and the Pulse Dance studio experience was the start of so much more and the Team have done the following under the Guidelines of Corlanie the coach to improve and training as many talented dance as they can touch in South Africa by creating the following: Power in dance


It all started with Corlanie Botha and the Pulse Injected and their struggle to raise funds to get to LA and participate in the incredible opportunity of the World Championships and then taking up the opportunity of learning from the best dancers and choreographers at the Millennium Dance Complex for their scholarship, however it was worth all the hard work and fundraising efforts.


They won Gold at the World Champs in July 2015 then managed to attend their month long scholarship at the famous Millennium Dance Complex in LA where they got to meet the most amazing choreographers and dance teachers. Such as Anze Skrube, Betty Rox, Comfort and most of the Step up 5 movies crew and even did a flash mob with them for Twitch, which aired on the Ellen Show.

This inspired these dancers to make a difference in their community and they started working with groups of talented dancers to enter the South Africa Championships of performing arts auditions, for some of these kids it would be the first time ever that they entered a competition.

Over the past year Power in Dance has had the opportunity to host workshops with the amazing talent of local and international choreographers such as, Anze Skrube, Betty Rox, EzTwins, Biaba Klints from overseas. Local Choreographers have been Corlanie Botha, Paul Modjadji, Rudi Smit and Chace and Ashley.

Seeing how many of their fellow South African performers could not participate due to lack of funding. This inspired the coach and these Pulse Injected to pay it forward. The four of them, together with their parents registered an NPO - The Power of Dance in August 2015.

Corlanie 3

The Power of Dance has a mission to create platforms, opportunities and hope for talented and dedicated dancers in our community to showcase their talent and encourage them to grow and excel through the power of dance. Ultimately, the intention is to enable them to develop their abilities to be able to pursue meaningful careers either locally or abroad.

Email: info@powerindance.co.za


WCOPA 2017 Outstanding Coach

Will Sabin (Australia)

OutstandingCoach 3

Below is one of the testimonials submitted for his nomination.

Mr. Wil is not like any other teacher or coach, he is so passionate about the next generation of dancers and goes the extra mile (literally) every week to support my daughter on her dance journey.  All dance coaches are special, so what makes Wil Sabin special I hear you ask. Well where do I start?!


Mr. Wil travels from Sydney to our local regional area, via public transport to coach not only my daughter but the many talented kids from her studio. This trip is 3 hours each way (6 hours per day!)  For my daughters WCOPA preparation he has been arriving early to the studio to give her extra coaching, so as to not take time away from other students. This means he is leaving his home town of Sydney in the very early hours of the morning to give my daughter his time and expertise and to ensure she is prepared to represent herself, her studio and her country to the best of her abilities at WCOPA.

Mr Wil travels to our regional area even though he is an in-demand choreographer across Australia and even Internationally and could work in a much more convenient location. He travels for Private lessons every Friday and coaches all day Friday with a focus on technique, jazz and musical theatre.  I asked him recently why he made such an effort to travel so far to coach Evie and the other children from our studio, given he can work close to home. He simply replied, “because I love it, I’m connected to these kids”. He then went on to state that kids in regional areas often don’t get access to the standard of teaching city kids did and he felt it was important that talented regional kids be given the same opportunities irrespective of where they lived.

Will 3

Mr Wil goes over and above, attending in his free time, solo performances, troupe performances and always sending Evie messages of support and encouragement when she competes. I often think he is the proudest person in the room when he sees “his kids” dance and compete.

Mr Wil has expanded my daughters dance horizons. He recently organised a trip to the city for the kids to see the Dream Dance Company the leading dance company in Australia. He wanted to show the kids what is possible in the commercial dance world, if you work hard and apply yourself.  This was such an amazing experience for the kids and certainly lit a fire in Evie, she knows what is possible now and has her sights clearly set on dance as a career. This would not have happened, had Mr Wil not organised this event for the children. He even took the time to arrange a back stage meet and greet so the kids could engage in conversation with the professional dancers. He did this all in his free time.

Mr Wil has choreographed two terrific pieces for WCOPA for Evie to perform, a Jazz and a Musical Theatre performance. He has sketched costume designs and liaised with the costume maker. He has made sure her music is cut to perfection and spent countless hours in the studio working with her.

OutstandingCoach 4

Mr Wil is firm but supportive and it is with this balance he is able to get the best out of each and every child he coaches. He truly cares about Evie and “his kids” and we are beyond grateful to have him coaching our daughter.

His choreography, his coaching, his dedication, commitment and passion is unparalleled and therefore we believe he is deserved of the WCOPA Outstanding Coach award


WCOPA 2017 Exceptional Designer 

Mrs. Sarinpat Jandawong (Thailand) Model is Avita Jandawong

 Avita 1

Detail: At this present,Thailand has a campaign for conserve about wearing thai silk. Nowaday technology and trading are more developed. It's impossible that foreigner will do same as Thai people, do our own thing. So we will synthesize and produce thing in order to let foreigner know Thai product.

Masterpiece called "Thai craftsmanship fashion", the inspiration designed is haute couture which in the past of Lanna Royal for origined and lead basic color of textile to modify with Europian lace which affected since antiquity.
Many patterns and details design in gorgeous style.

Sleeve form same as carambola fruit. Body is made by lead and permute more than 50 metres for concordant with that period then using woven with silk nainsaak with lace (Pha-teen-jok). Pattern and color on fabric got unique characteristic fetch repain to evening dress with present style.This dress is able to wear when at the party or in formal thin

Avita 2

The WCOPA organization is proud to recognize the excellent talent who support and train our International Worldstars and who help make the talent at WCOPA great!



2018 junior finalist worlds best talent wcopa



 2018 senior finalist worlds best talent wcopa

WCOPA 2018 Senior Finalists 2



Superior National Director

Gerry Mercado, Philippines



Outstanding National Director

Ellen Roux, South Africa

Ellen Roux



Best Director

Pitch Screeians, Thailand


Group Competition Winners


1st Place - Philippines



2nd Place - South Africa



3rd Place - Ireland


Best National Costume Winners

1st Place - Thailand



2nd Place - South Africa

SA 2nd PLace


3rd Place - Guatemala



Honorable Mention

Sri Lanka




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WCOPA 2020 July 24 - August 2, 

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