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WCOPA Team UK Alumna jumpstarts music career

By Sam Campbell

Singer-songwriter Breeze Redwine first stepped on stage at age 11 after a teacher pointed out her natural talent. And she has not looked back since. Led by Sam Schrale, WCOPA's Licensed National Director for the U.K., Breeze represented the United Kingdom in the 2016 World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), competing as a vocalist and guitarist. She earned gold and silver medals for her performances. 

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Since her time at WCOPA, Breeze has released three music singles, which have all received air time on the radio. But according to Breeze, school is her main priority right now.

“I have been approached by some record labels and (many TV) shows,” Breeze said. “But I am keen to finish my education … as I feel like education should come first.”

But Breeze’s music career has already begun. One of her singles, “Dreams,” was chosen as BBC Radio’s “Track of the Week.”  She has recently released several videos including "10000 Little Pieces" and to accompany her most influential song, “Courage,” which addresses the issue of bullying in society. According to Breeze, her own experiences with bullying were the inspiration behind the song and video.


 “When I first started to perform, I felt very isolated, and people were very horrible to me,” Breeze said. “But (‘Courage’) helped me to face my demons, and now I am very strong.”  Breeze said the song has had a lot of airplay in schools and online, and she is “very happy it is helping others.”

Her time at WCOPA helped with her own struggles with confidence, Breeze said. Several contestants from different countries befriended her and, according to Breeze, took her under their wing.

Breeze Redwine WCOPA

“They seemed to adopt me and look after me, and in the end (of the competition) it felt like they were my family,” Breeze said. “I am still shy, but I feel I can now do things I could not before I went (to WCOPA).”

 Breeze Redwine WCOPA 3    

The singer-songwriter has high hopes for her music. Breeze said her goal is to make a living as a credible artist, either on stage or behind the scenes working with production.

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“I know the music industry is very hard,” Breeze said. “But I am going to give everything (to try and reach) my goals.”


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