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Leanka Laubscher, South Africa

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Leanka Laubscher

Leanka Laubscher, South Africa
Multi-medalist and Division Winner Dance and Modeling, 2013 and 2014


The World Championships of Performing Arts is definitely world class and unlike any competition in the world! 2013 I went to South Africa's Championships in Rustenburg and made the team to go to LA and take part in WCOPA. I had never been overseas and cried as soon as I got to LAX because I was so thankful to be there as it was a hard road to get there! The WCOPA staff welcoming each country felt like I was a celebrity. Disney Land,Universal Studios,Hollywood Walk of fame.... was amazing and as soon as boot camp started I knew I never want to go home. Dancing, modeling, acting, singing learning from the best taking it all in! Competition day is always stressful but this time I was exited and just wanted to jump on stage and dance my heart out! The stage was incredible, the people lovely, staff so kind...the time of my life! I won 3 silvers that year and a 3 month scholarship to Millennium Dance Complex! Best feeling in the world! 2014 came and there was no way that I was ever going to miss WCOPA so there I was on my way exited to see my WCOPA family again having the time of my life competing against world class competitors and I won 5 Bronze 1 Gold and a division champion of the world win and another scholarship to Millennium! I took up my 2013 Millennium scholarship after the competition and this year I will be doing WCOPA 2015 as I will never miss the biggest, best, most amazing competition ever and I will be taking my 2014 Millennium scholarship! Since WCOPA my dance studio in Port Elizabeth SA has grown so much I was in the news paper so many times and every one knows who I am! I am respected and people look up at me because South Africa knows that World Champions of The Performing Arts is the "real deal" the only one of its kind the very BEST!!!




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